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The Beale Ciphers Were Not A Hoax!

The Locality Cipher does indeed disclose the exact
location of the hidden vault and more...
Below can be seen the Beale Vault!

Beale's Vault  -  Click to enlarge!


 Was located by decoding secretly hidden directions located within Cipher One of the Locality Cipher.  The directions to the vault area, construction details, talley of the pots plus contents and the final directions leading to the Beale Vault were entirely decoded from this cipher and no other.
Beale's use of landmarks, the location of the excavation site and 
his method of concealement for both the treasure and the ciphers were absolutely ingenious.

Well done Thomas J. Beale! 


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New information will be on display here as as I find time to post additional pictures or documentation concerning our discovery and work.
This website currently offers a glimpse of our discoveries associated with the Beale Vault & Excavation Site within Bedford County, Virginia.
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Old Tavern Chimney

 The old Inn....... (Point of Origin)
*Buford's Tavern once stood nearby. The instructions within the Locality Cipher are to travel one mile east past the Inn, turn right and proceed a lined distance of  three miles to a Point straight-lined with the top of Porters Mountain.
This landmark is the reference point for locating the vault by using the distance and direction  information given  within Cipher One.
            *Map coordinates provided below*
     Latitude  +37.3510      Longitude  -79.6892 
*Concerning the Treasure*
Upon our locating the excavation site, we were much surprised to discover that the vault was no longer intact. Evidence at the site indicated that someone had opened the vault long ago and the contents which we and so many others have sought still remains a mystery...
Only a handfull of artifacts have been discovered during our excavation of the vault and surrounding rock formation, these items were discovered near the upper vault entrance.  Pictures of these items have been posted here for those interested in viewing.

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