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Decoded Cipher


The Complex Ciphers Have Been Decoded
And Reveal Much More Than
Many Thought Possible!

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Within the following lines below I have posted the decoded message that was originaly intended for Morriss to read - 

The Last Request Of Thomas Jefferson Beale!

*Punctuation has been added to the decoded text
for ease of reading, there is no (r) in the decoded
word (undertaking), drop the (r) and 
 all punctuation for a true count.

The Residence Cipher

Last request of Thomas Jefferson Beale 
Keep on preserving, the rewards awaiting you are so vast that you will find it hard to comprehend.
I know this final paper contradicts one prior, instructions are the entire amount in the vaults yours.
All others have taken their shares,
Everyones in harmony.
We will make this trip our final undertaking, We have been reassured by the President we will
bring back an amount equal or better already shared.
I leave no keys to unlock the three papers, it will take hard work to find the treasure. I've tried to make it impossible.  Have given the Goverment and delivered amount same as we have taken.
A thankyou handshake is our reciept, the Treasurer of the United States accepted as taxes paid.
Concluding: I have no living heirs.


On Now!
Below I have posted the very last portion of Dan's decoded
 Locality Cipher, this is the most difficult 
area of cipher one to decode.


The Locality Cipher

Nineteen is the distance south, Left onto
second point. 
Two's on first part of main
rock south in east wall, Ground on souths
six feet deep. Open front side of point
straight down the point in front upper part.
Remove rocks, Then with them remove dirt
five feet down and round. On Now, Open point
two's wall straight in, Now open south side,
Now On down under point.

Decoded Ciphers By:
Mr. Daniel Cole


The above text was taken from the cipher worksheets of Mr. Daniel Cole and has been displayed here as a courtesy to all those who have been captivated by the Beale Mystery.

May the truth keep marching on"
God Bless America!


"Midi sequenced by Barry Taylor"

Copyright 2001 SWN
All Rights Reserved