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The Beale Vault

The Excavated Beale Vault
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Excavation Site
Above photograph taken at a distance of 20 yards and shows the entire excavation site.

The Vault is composed of solid rock and
the dimensions are as follows:

 shaped opening is  
approximately five feet
 high and five feet wide at the base.
The vault narrows and is approximately
two feet high and three feet wide at the rear.
The vault floor slopes
downward towards the rear
 and the below surface depth is aproximately five to seven feet, the lowest depth at the rear of the vault.The vault floor extends outward past the entrance six feet and steps down to a large adjacent cavity located within the same rock.
The excavtion site was covered with rocks, sand and dirt from nearby creek deposits.
The following items below were found while excavating the vault entrance.

Our Most Recent Find
Leg From An Iron Pot

Fragment Was Discovered Near The Vault Entrance
Another View Of The Iron Leg

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Piece of a leather strap

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Iron Buckle

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Iron Spike


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