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Solving A Mystery


Daniel Cole
Solving an enigma
that has riddled the Blue Ridge for nearly two hundred years was but one of his many passions... 


Within these mountains and valleys of Bedford County
many have come in search of a legendary treasure.

I have deposited in the county of Bedford about four miles from Buford's in an excavation or vault six feet below the surface of the ground.............Some people know these words all to well!


In Remebrance of
Daniel Cole    1935 - 2001
Dan devoted many years of his life to solving the Beale Mystery.
Hard work and perserverance rewarded him with knowledge,
his character and demeanor rewarded him with friends.
A Very Special Thanks To Miss Pauline Innis for the autographed book given to Daniel, a jewel in itself.
"Gold In The Blue Ridge"

To all of those that have been forever
 captivated by the Beale Treasure Mystery'
Best Wishes and God Bless

Click here to view Point One of Porters Mountain

"Midi sequenced by Barry Taylor"